An Affordable Alternative to the Scantron® 882-E Form

Optical mark recognition (OMR) testing forms are essential for any school. It allows you to efficiently create and grade exams, allowing for a productive testing experience that saves countless hours of grading. The Scantron® 882-E testing form has been a long-time staple in testing, but its expensive cost can quickly add up. Our PDP 100 is a functional duplicate of the 882-E multiple-choice testing form, but at a fraction of the price and with completely FREE shipping. Keep reading to learn more about our OMR form that has saved money for countless schools.

  • The Benefits of the PDP 100 Testing Form
  • Functionally identical to the Scantron® 882-E
  • Compatible with the OMR grading machines that you’re already using
  • Offered at a fraction of the price of the Scantron® 882-E
  • Completely FREE shipping
  • Order in bulk packages of 500 each
  • Additional fields for email and cell number

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question markWhat Is the Difference Between the PDP 100 and Scantron® 882-E?

Aside from the name and price, not much! And that’s the whole point of our product — you don’t want something different from the 882-E, you want something that’s the same, but more affordable. Our PDP 100 testing forms are intentionally similar to 882-E forms, both to foster familiarity and as a necessary measure for compatibility with grading machines.

There are, however, a few quality-of-life changes, such as the following:

  • A more affordable price and completely FREE shipping
  • A scannable QR code on the bottom for usage instructions
  • Email and cell number in the information fields

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Question markWill the PDP 100 Work With the Grading Machines We Already Use?

The PDP 100 is designed to be completely 882-compatible, which means that it should work on any OMR grading machine that you’ve already used to grade your Scantron® forms. If you have doubts about whether or not our forms would work with your machines, please feel free to reach out to us and we can confirm whether or not our forms are compatible.

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Question markWhat Quantities Can We Order Forms In?

We offer our PDP 100 in four different packages, which allows flexibility to schools that vary in size. Whether you need some testing forms for a small classroom, or you’re ordering in bulk so your entire school can stock up, we have you covered — you can order PDP forms in packages of 25, 50, 100, and 500.

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Question markDo You Have Different Variations of the PDP 100?

Yes! Any educator will know that testing forms can come in certain variations, often created to accommodate different grading machines, student conditions, and exam types. While the standard half-page PDP 100 is by far our most popular products, we have other types that can suit specific, niche needs.

Here are some of the different versions of the PDP 100:

  • PDP 100-E: The PDP 100-E is the same as the standard version, only it takes up a full page instead of a half-page. This leaves a lot of empty room, which can be used by the student for notes, problem-solving, etc.
  • PDP 100 Low-Viz: These forms are compatible with the Scantron® 882 Lovas. The answer bubbles are slightly different, being shaded instead of empty. Depending on the grading machine you’re using, you might have needs for low-viz forms.
  • PDP 100-A-J and PDP 100-A-T: These forms have the familiar half-sheet, 100 question format, but the lettering of the answers is different to provide for unique exams. Instead of being lettered A-E every row, the letting continues all the way up to J or T, taking as many rows as necessary. This allows for exam questions that provide many multiple-choice options.
  • PDP 100-N: The PDP 100-N has only one small change to the original — the answers are listed as 1-5 instead of A-E. While it seems like a small, insignificant change, it can be well-suited for certain exams.

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Question markAre You Allowed to Sell Forms That Are Functionally Identical to Scantron®?

Yes. Our products fall under US Copyright Office Title 37, which states:

“Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights §202.1 Material not subject to copyright. (c) Blank forms, such as time cards, graph paper, account books, diaries, bank checks, scorecards, address books, report forms, order forms and the like, which are designed for recording information and do not in themselves convey information.”

If you want to read more, please refer to the legal disclaimer in the footer of our website.

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Question markWhat Are All These Other Forms On Your Website?

The PDP 100 is overwhelmingly our most popular product, but it’s not the only thing we sell. Similarly, it’s not the only option you have as an educator! We sell countless OMR forms, from testing sheets to election ballots, all compatible with their own systems, such as Scantron®, Test Wizard, Advantage Learning System, and more.

You can find many different forms that are great for different testing purposes. Take the PDP 200 for example, which is similar to the PDP 100, only it takes up a full sheet and has 200 questions front-to-back instead of 100. You can find forms that handle larger exams, provide for short responses, essays, and more. Browse our selection to see the full extent of OMR testing forms that we offer at Precision Data Products!

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Question markDo You Accept School Purchase Orders?

We accept school purchase orders from approved schools — if you have placed an order using a purchase order, please make sure to also submit your order to our team via fax or email.

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