The Benefits of Standardized Testing

At Precision Data Products, we believe in the power that can come from the analysis of well-compiled data. Exhaustive data analysis has been a necessary component in many of mankind’s biggest breakthroughs. In the world of education, standardized testing is one of the methods through which we gauge the progress of students and evaluate our own schools.

We have provided countless bubble answer sheets to schools for the purposes of standardized testing, and the data analyzed from these forms has helped many educators to see how they can improve, as well as how to best help their students. Here are some reasons why standardized testing is valuable in our education system:

Standardized Tests Allow Different Schools to be Objectively Compared

In a country where the majority of students are enrolled in public education, it’s important to make sure that every school is doing a good job. Unfortunately, it’s hard to determine how effective a school is when you only have their own materials to compare. But when each school uses the same test, that’s when you can find objective differences.

For example, if two schools use the same test, but there’s a major discrepancy between the average math scores for both schools, that tells you something. You know that, for some reason, the students of one school just aren’t getting it.

While it would be wise to jump to conclusions based off test results alone, the important thing is that it creates a starting point. When you can look at two sets of data and see clear differences, you can start to dig deeper to unearth the true problems and causes thereof.

It Creates an Equal Playing Field

One of the most beautiful aspects of the American dream is the prospect of anyone, regardless of status, race, gender, circumstances, or location, to be successful. However, that doesn’t really hold up if there’s an uneven playing field in the education sector that favors certain students over others.

Standardized testing allows for a federal standard to be upheld through all of the education world. This means that schools can’t just go and start teaching calculus to their sixth graders. Standardized tests establish where students are supposed to be relative to their grade levels.

This is a boon for low-income schools who might not have the personnel and resources that wealthier schools do. Instead of being left in the dust, students across the board are all in a relatively similar place.

Standardized Testing Provides Massive Amounts of Data

One of the best things about standardized testing is the raw amount of data it provides for states and country. When all of the students in an entire state are taking the same tests, it allows for data analysis that can lead to important breakthroughs in how to adapt the current curriculum. Just like you can compare schools on a micro level, you can compare entire states on a macro level.

Do certain states yield higher advantages based on their income levels? Does rural geography provide different results than urban areas? Even seemingly arbitrary things like the weather can be studied when you have huge amounts of data to work with.

This is made possible because of the unique bubble answer sheets used in standardized tests. At Precision Data Products, we offer quality testing sheets that are affordable alternatives to Scantron forms, such as the popular Scantron 882-e. If you have a need for testing sheets, browse our online store today!