Even though testing techniques have evolved and changed through the years with new innovations, multiple choice remains a constant. At Precision Data Products, we offer quality bubble answer sheets to educators who have need of testing forms that are easy to use and compatible with their grading machines.

Save yourself the time and effort of hand-grading your students’ tests one by one, and instead use our handy bubble answer sheets to let the grading machine do it for you, quickly and effectively. This ensures an objective, unbiased process that paints a clear picture of where each student is at in their learning. Browse our online store today!

Reasons to Create a Multiple Choice Test

Exams can be intimidating for students. As a teacher, however, your only goal is to ensure that your students truly understand the content that you’re teaching them. That being said, it’s essential that you, as the educator, fully understand the benefits of the different types of tests that can be created.  With as many options…read more

The Benefits of Standardized Testing

At Precision Data Products, we believe in the power that can come from the analysis of well-compiled data. Exhaustive data analysis has been a necessary component in many of mankind’s biggest breakthroughs. In the world of education, standardized testing is one of the methods through which we gauge the progress of students and evaluate our…read more

The Advantage of Precision Data Products Over Scantron

  At Precision Data Products, we specialize in creating high-quality test forms and ballots, also known as OMR forms. These OMR forms, standing for “optical mark recognition,” are fed through machines that are able to quickly and efficiently interpret the multiple-choice results, saving hours upon hours of manpower and time. By far the most well-known…read more