The Advantage of Precision Data Products Over Scantron


At Precision Data Products, we specialize in creating high-quality test forms and ballots, also known as OMR forms. These OMR forms, standing for “optical mark recognition,” are fed through machines that are able to quickly and efficiently interpret the multiple-choice results, saving hours upon hours of manpower and time.

By far the most well-known OMR form to the general populace is the Scantron 882-e. This is the standard 100 question multiple-choice form that you’ve likely seen hundreds of times if you’ve been enrolled in America’s public education system, either as a student or educator. Whether you remember this form with fondness or terror, the chances are you’ve used it plenty of times.

Today, there is just as much of a need for Scantron forms as there ever has been, as they’re easily the most widely propagated testing component in the education system. And that’s why we offer our scantron compatible test forms at competitive prices. Are you wondering why you should go with a company like Precision Data Products instead of Scantron? Here are a few compelling reasons:

Our Forms are Scantron Compatible and Functionally Identical

The most common concern with our Precision Data Products forms is (justifiably) whether or not they’re compatible with Scantron machines, and if they would require reworking of current testing materials. The answers, respectively, are yes and no.

Our forms are completely compatible with scantron machines, and functionally identical to the Scantron forms you’re used to using. Whether you’re going for the coveted Scantron 882-e form (available in our inventory as the PDP 100), or something for a different purpose, you’ll find that your scantron machines won’t be able to tell the difference, and chances are, your students won’t notice either.

Functionally, our forms are exactly the same as their scantron counterparts. The only notable differences are small aesthetic tweaks, such as how the name and date boxes look. Unless you’re overly concerned about such a thing, you won’t notice the difference between our sheets and the Scantron forms.

Our Forms are Much More Affordable

Our team at Precision Data Products has spent quite an amount of time in the education sector, so you can bet we understand the struggles that nearly every school goes through. It suffices to say that we understand and relate to the frustration that educators have in the US of trying to cover all the expenses that go into educating America’s children.

And that’s why we made the goal to provide test forms at an affordable and compatible price point. The reality is that Scantron has significantly marked up the price of their testing forms ever since they became the de-facto solution for OMR forms. While we, as a business ourselves, understand the importance of making profits wherever possible, we also believe that schools shouldn’t have to pay so much for something that is essential.

Our prices, on average, are seven times cheaper than Scantron, for a product that’s functionally identical. With us, you can pay $10.95 for a pack of 100 882-e forms, compared to the $69.95 price point that’s attached to the name-brand product. We want educators to be able to save on expenses wherever possible, and we’re happy to offer these essential forms at a price that’s much lower than the competition.

Browse Our Scantron Compatible Forms Today

We don’t just offer substitutes for the Scantron 882-e form. In fact, we have a wide variety of different OMR forms, both for testing and ballots. Whether you’re picking up a fresh batch of testing sheets for your school, or looking for forms suited to another purpose, we know you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for at Precision Data Products. Browse our online store today!