Why Paper Exams Will Never Go Out of Style

  It’s hard to ignore the signs of the times that we’re headed into an all-digital age. A lot of paper-based products have moved to a new online home. Where the Yellow Pages were once a veritable necessity for home- and business-owners, they’re now all but irrelevant. Where magazines were once the go-to method of…read more

The Types of Exams You Can Take With OMR Forms: Part 2

Welcome to part two of our blog series about different exam types! While people often think that OMR testing forms are only good for the tried-and-true multiple-choice test, the reality is that you have a lot of different options for your exams — and you can bet we have a form for everything. Here are…read more

The Types of Exams You Can Take With OMR Forms: Part 1

Testing is one of the cornerstones of our education system. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they’re undeniably a great way to gauge the knowledge of students and measure how well they have digested your curriculum. However, there are many ways to test a student, and if you stick to the same formula every single time…read more

The Pros and Cons of Different Types of Test Questions

At Precision Data Products, we’re happy to offer bulk quantities of Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) testing forms at an affordable rate. But when people think of our testing sheets, there’s usually just one that comes to mind — Scantron® Form 882-E, functionally identical to our own PDP-100 form. This is the testing form that every…read more

How to Minimize the Chances of Cheating in a Classroom

We have all been through the process of last-minute cramming for tests or walking into a classroom completely unprepared. In most cases, all that you really had to be prepared for was the lousy grade that you were about to receive. In the case of some students, the idea of a bad grade was more…read more

3 Benefits of Using Precision Data Products for Testing

As an administrator or educator, you are constantly ensuring that you’re doing what’s best for your students. When it comes to testing, choosing the right decision for both your students and their education can become all the more tricky. Here at Precision Data, we have been fortunate enough to help educators and administrators alike by…read more

How Students Cheat On Exams

While it’s good to be optimistic and believes that people will generally default to being good, any educator knows that students will always find ways to cheat. Not all of them, of course — most students don’t cross ethical lines when they’re doing their homework, but even if they make up the majority, there will…read more

How to Get More Out of Your School Budget

What could possibly be more important than the quality education of our rising youth? If you work in a school or academic facility, you probably have strong feelings about the importance of teaching the next generation, and we do too. Unfortunately, not everyone else seems to agree. One problem that plagues a lot of American…read more

The Advantage of Precision Data Products Over Scantron

  At Precision Data Products, we specialize in creating high-quality test forms and ballots, also known as OMR forms. These OMR forms, standing for “optical mark recognition,” are fed through machines that are able to quickly and efficiently interpret the multiple-choice results, saving hours upon hours of manpower and time. By far the most well-known…read more

How OMR Forms Prevent Cheating

At Precision Data Products, we specialize in selling OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) forms that are functionally identical to the popular Scantron® sheets that are widely used and popular in the education sector. OMR forms, for most teachers, have been the go-to solution for testing for years. The most popular OMR form, the Scantron® 882-E, is…read more